American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

As the world and its diseases become more complex and multifarious, so the life-works of any Physician become more challenging. Challenging in the sense that various factors including information regarding new or old disease phenomena he or she has to deal with may either be scanty, not readily available or continually changing. A physician or a doctor must therefore be factual, realistic and honest, objective and rational, investigative, open-minded, creative, versatile, enterprising, resourceful, strong-willed and productive.

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A Physician or Doctor is authorized practictioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine or osteopathy and is licensed by the appropate state board.

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Physician assistants can and do perform most of the tasks performed by doctors; they always work under a physician's supervision. The duties performed include taking medical histories and performing examinations, ordering treatments, interpreting diagnostic results, referring patients to specialists, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medication, performing both noninvasive and invasive procedures, and providing assistance in surgery. Physician assistants in Peaches scrubs may practice general medicine, or they may specialize.